QuickBooks is one of the most commonly used and preferred accounting software for businesses across the country. The powerful tool allows you to do everything from manage your books, assess profitability, and more. However, handling a business’s finances, no matter the size, is no small feat. With so many things to keep track of, it may be best to outsource your bookkeeping and accounting to a trained expert who really knows how to leverage the power of the QuickBooks tools.

Accountants prepare to keep, inspect, and analyze your business’s financial accounts and advise best practices from there. However, the unique thing about a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is that they are an accounting professional that was specifically trained in all Quickbooks products. They know the ins and outs of the software, and they are specialists in setting up, maintaining, and implementing all of the best practices.

Let’s think about it using an airplane pilot analogy. You are boarding a Boeing 767 airplane, and there is a choice between two people that will fly you to your destination: one who is a trained pilot and one who is a trained Boeing 767 pilot. While both pilots may be a great choice and can do the job, wouldn’t it bring extra peace of mind to choose someone who was specifically trained and certified to fly this exact aircraft?

Every single certified QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor must pass exams and intricate training processes by Intuit before they are deemed experts in the tool; they are also tested annually to ensure they are updated and still proficient at what they do. Having a bookkeeper or accountant that has this distinction will offer you so many benefits on top of the ultimate peace of mind that everything is being handled correctly. Here are 8 benefits of hiring a QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor:

1. Access To Expert Knowledge & Resources

Any QuickBooks software is best managed by an experienced accounting professional, so a ProAdvisor can set up, manage, and leverage your account to best keep track of your business’s cash flow, revenue, expenses, and how to keep growing. They have resources at your disposal as well that specifically help all management of your finances in the tool, so it is especially helpful to hire an expert if you plan on or are interested in using QuickBooks. These experts also have access to excellent customer service and support for the tool.

2. Saving Time & Labor Costs

It is a lot for a business owner or manager to handle accounting and bookkeeping tasks if that is not their area of expertise. It may take a lot of extra time to tackle difficult accounting problems without a ProAdvisor having experience in any sort of issue you can come up with. In addition to them handling tasks for you, your QuickBooks software will also be fine-tuned and set up the right way to maximize your time. They are also trained to extract more value out of your software and even unveil some untapped functions that can make things even faster or easier than before.

3. Collaborative Guidance & Education

Some business owners want to be in on the intricacies of their business numbers, and some want to be hands-off and let the expert handle it. A QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor is equipped with the knowledge to help guide business owners and even educate them. They can provide training or coaching to your staff when it comes to the proper maintenance of the accounting system, and they can encourage best practices for avoiding errors in day-to-day operations.

4. Staying Up-To-Date On Laws

Especially each tax season, it’s crucial to be up to speed on all of the new local, state, or federal laws or tax regulations. As we all know, things can change quickly. A ProAdvisor monitors these changes and adjusts your company’s practices accordingly to best maximize your financials. It’s crucial to keep all laws and regulations in mind and relevant to your business’s objectives as well.

5. Excellent Money Management

Not only does a ProAdvisor know how to assess your numbers, but they can also advise your business on your financial goals through QuickBooks. With consistent performance evaluations, cash flow optimization, tax efficiency, and revenue assessments, they can help you better manage your finances and boost your bottom line.

6. Maximized Tax Savings Or Deductions

Every dollar counts, especially for a small business. No one wants to be paying for things they don’t need to be paying for! QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisor are trained to make sure your business does not overpay on your taxes or miss out on any deductions by leveraging their knowledge and tools. They have your best interest in mind when it comes to optimizing your books and making sure everything is accounted for.

7. Diligent Proficiency In QuickBooks

Every ProAdvisor is expected to ensure the accuracy of your books in QuickBooks. Diligence is a must in this line of work, and they are trained to make sure your financials are correct. It is much easier for someone to make sure everything looks correct if they know the software like the back of their hand; it is easier to point out mistakes if you know how to find them.

8. Customized Bookkeeping

Every single business or organization has different financial or accounting needs. For example, some have hundreds of employees, some are sole proprietorships, and some handle the sale and production of goods and services on a daily basis. Your bookkeeping should be fully customized to your needs, and a ProAdvisor knows how to set up the QuickBooks software tailored to your business. They will ensure that the best version or formats are set in place, so you can better help your company and customers in the long run.

With all of that said, hiring a ProAdvisor will simplify your bookkeeping and accounting and allow you to focus on your business and what you do best. At Right Column, we handle most of our client’s bookkeeping needs using QuickBooks, no matter the format. As QuickBooks Certified ProAdvisors, we are passionate about financial records being kept with integrity. We work with you and your business to understand the direction that you want to go and advise you on how to get there, with services ranging from Bookkeeping, CFO Services, Payroll, Budgeting & Forecasting, and Reporting & Strategy.

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